IMPORTANT:Closing from Jan.20-Feb.25 . Order Placed After (including) Jan 15th 2024 Will be worked after holiday. Please DO leave the date need the costume and all measurements required in item description. Order will be canceled if we could not reach you via the contact info left when missing necessary info


In 2019, we launched the first competition "Beautiful You In Tutu". Last year, this amazing activity was impacted by the worldwide pandemic. But we are so happy that we can restore it with a new name by leverage our brand "Unique You In Tutu". Please join us if you are interested and qualified! ❤️


* Buying your ballet costume from us during 2020.01-2021.04

* Submit a unique photo taking in our costumes before May.08 

   --- DM via any social media channel 

   --- Email to


*Post the photos on our Instagram model page once received by tagging you. 

*Check the ❤️  ”Likes” of each participant and select the winners on Jun.08. 


*1st. Prize-  Professional stage costume in specific secret design

*2nd. Prize- An Ballerina Doll 

*3rd. Prize -A Rehearsal Tutu 



Good luck dear unique dancers! ❤️


Unique Ballet