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Professional Costume Introduction


III. Professional Level Costume

All the professional level costumes will have hooks and eyes on the back of the bodice. Both skirt and bodice will be worked in professional way. Based on the materials used and handcrafted of the skirt ruffles and sewing, we divide them into 3 levels. 

* Professional Level I 

This level costume has a competitive price in the market. We select the cost-effective materials and made them into professional level. The  professional bodice will be worked in more slices to make it more fit for the bodice shape and there are 2 rows of hooks and eyes on the back. Extra materials left to allow more rows of hooks to be added by yourself later. An inner waist band will be added in the costume to make the skirt more stable when dance. The price range for this level is $300-$400


* Professional Level II

Comparing with level I, this level costumes will be made with more high quality materials. Most materials are imported and sewed by more senior makers. Skirt ruffles of this level will be worked by hand which looks more tidier than level I. Decorations will need maker's more hand work and there are more choices. Price range is $400-650.


* Professional Level III

This level is also called "High-end" level. Most are worked into 2 pieces. Bodice linked with skirt with elastic to allow the dancer's do movement more easily. 

Bodice normally with bones inside and skirt ruffles thicker and tidy. All decorations are handmade and need spend much time on the details by delegated senior makers. So we can only make limited pieces of this level each year and working time is longer than other levels. Price range is $700-$1200.


Should you select this level? 

If budget is allowed, Professional level are definitely recommended for dancers to use for competitions and performance. Especially Level II and Level III will show more shinning on the stage. While level I is more affordable which are highly recommended for dancers to use for competition. 


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